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😊 A bright, colorful, and trendy Pop It Necklace that is perfect for stress release, anxiety relief, or just for fun!

✨ Our necklace is uniquely colorful, starting with its rainbow paracord, two-toned colored beads (with colorful pony bead spacers), and tri-colored mini pop it! (Please Note: Pop Its come in a variety of colors, so whatever shape you choose, colors may vary from pictures shown)

✨ Our unique bright beads have a matte grip and are perfect to fidget with. They also glow under blacklight!

✨ Our necklace is made with a two-tone breakaway clasp for your child's safety, and to help with easy removal. It also fits snugly together so they don't have to worry about it coming apart during the day!

✨ The necklace size is approximately 30" from clasp to clasp so you have plenty of room to view and play with your sensory pop it.

✨ Our necklace is a great stress relief and trendy! A perfect birthday gift or surprise for any age and gender!


✨ DISCLAIMER - We can not be held liable for any injury caused by misuse or abuse of our products. As always, adult supervision is recommended for young children and toddlers.

💗 If this is a gift for someone and is being shipped directly to them, please make sure to add the recipient's name and address in the "ship to" section on the order page.

All Images & Text © 2022 WinandLor

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Pop It Necklace

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